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We have a flock of about 25 Chickens at the moment guarded by our proud Light Sussex Rooster "Dino". Some of our hens have been rescued from battery farms and are now spending the rest of their lives as Happy Chickens together with our Rhode Island Red and Light Sussex hens. Next we will get a few Silkie cross hens to hatch the coming generations of chickens and ducks.

Other than the ducks these chickens are very tame and will take treats from the hand.

Happy Duckies swimming in the Annalee River. At the moment we have a flock of 15 ducks and 2 drakes and we're looking forward to hatching the next generation soon.

It's fascinating how those ducks that hatched here and were introduced to the river at the age of 4 weeks are so much better swimmers than the older ones, which moved here with us.

Our drakes are both pure bred Khaki Campbell, the ducks are Pekin x Khaki Campbell. They come on all colours from white to black and every shade of brown. And most importantly their eggs are very large and delicious. 

As with all our animals we feed them only certified organic grains and greens besides what they naturally forage in and along the river. Safe to say they keep the snail population down.

Fuer Kaufinteressenten geht es hier zum Expose'

2 years ago my Irish partner John and my(German)self were lucky enough to be able to buy this stunning little gem at the banks of the Annalee River in County Cavan. At 179 years of age the “Old School House” came with a lot of character and good energy, surrounded by woods and water. Precisely the place we had been looking for. And we are now ready to welcome short-term and long-term (language) students to our home. Even though I’m originally from Germany the main language spoken at our house is English.
The house is a 2 storey 4 bedroom 2 bathroom building. The 2 double guest rooms and dedicated bathroom are located on the ground floor and have their own entrance as well as connection to the main living/dining/kitchen area. The guest rooms, bathroom and connecting hallway are currently being completely renovated and turned into cosy welcoming spaces to live and work.
Our hens and ducks found ideal living situations here as they only spend the nights inside their coops. During the day the hens are roaming their pasture and the ducks are enjoying themselves in the river - do I have to mention the quality of their eggs? We’re hatching ducklings and chicks from March until November so there are little fluffballs on the farm almost all year round.
We are also growing our own vegetables and herbs organically which are part of the meals served to our full board guests daily.
The Annalee River is renowned for Trout and Pike fishing and can be explored all the way to the Cavan Lakes by canoe or kayak. We’re more than happy to take our guests fishing or on canoe tours on the Annalee, fishing gear as well as canoes for our guests can be provided.
The hills and woods around our house provide ample opportunities for hiking tours - my (rescued) Husky dog Jasper is always keen to offer his company on these hikes.
I am a REIKI Master/Teacher and Life Coach and The Old School House is also home to my “Holistic Transformation Program” Studio where our guests are welcome to attend our regular Meditations, Yoga classes and various workshops. Depending on the season and weather conditions these activities are also happening by the river.
Cavan town with its shops, supermarkets, pubs and restaurants is only 12km away, the Medical Centre in Cootehill and the Spa facilities in Stradone are only a 5min drive.

Please message me for more details and availability.
Best regards,
Caroline & John

Just found this easy peasy home made cheese recipe kindly posted by www.sheridanscheesemongers.com:

Makes 100g

1 litre whole milk (get raw milk if you can)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
a good pinch of salt

* Heat the milk in a saucepan over a medium heat to a gentle simmer, stirring it occasionally to prevent burning.
* When the milk is steaming and frothy, remove it from the heat and stir in the lemon juice. Let this curdled mixture sit for 10 minutes.
* Line a colander with cheesecloth or a clean, cotton tea towel and place this over a mixing bowl. Pour the curdled mixture into the strainer and gather the edges of the cloth together like a purse and squeeze the curds gently to remove the whey.
* Open the cloth and sprinkle with salt. Mix the salt through with a spoon.

You can mix the fresh curd with some chopped fresh herbs and store it in a bowl in the fridge for a couple of days to use as you wish.

if you would like to have a firmer 'cheese' then lift the cloth with the curds on to a plate and flatten them into a square. Fold the cloth over the top of the cheese. Then put another plate on top. Put full tins of beans or any heavy weight you have to hand on top of this plate to add more pressure to the cheese.
* Remove the bottom plate and replace it with a draining board so the last of the whey can drain away. After about an hour, the weave of the cloth will be pressed into the cheese and you can use it immediately as it is or put it in the fridge on a plate or board covered with an upturned bowl. It will become less crumbly as it dries out. It will keep for up to a week.

Btw. we feed the whey to the chickens and they LOVE it!